Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT)

Tiny Tackers Therapy is fortunate to have Luna the therapy dog. Animal Assisted Therapy aims to improve physical, educational, social, emotional, and/or cognitive functioning of children. Luna is an active participant in therapy sessions, assisting to develop;

Luna the pets as therapy dog


Fine Motor skills (Pre-writing, handwriting, scissor skills)

  • Cut up treats for Luna
  • Write letters to Luna with correct letter formation, spacing and legibility
  • Draw pictures for Luna using pre-writing shapes which are the building blocks for handwriting
  • Show Luna completed work

Self-care (Dressing)

  • Change over Luna's bandanna (press studs)
  • Take on/off Luna's harness (clip buckle)
  • Take on/off Luna's collar (buckle)

Gross Motor Skills

  • Aiming a ball or toy at a specific location for Luna to catch and/or retrieve
  • Luna can demonstrate how to move through an obstacle course
  • Develop kicking skills to pass a ball to Luna

Social Skills

  • Take turns when playing a game 
  • Take turns rolling a ball back and forth
  • Luna may assist children to open up and improve interaction, manners, ability to follow rules, and social skills

Sensory Input

  • Tactile input: patting, brushing


  • Read to Luna
  • Show Luna completed work (writing, drawing)
  • Luna provides support and/or motivation when attempting a new or challenging task


  • Luna can model when it is appropriate to be excited and/or when we need to be calm and ready to learn

Sequencing and Language

  • Give Luna a sequence of commands
  • Touch Luna's ears, back etc. for body part recognition, receptive language skills, and to develop a child's ability to follow a sequence of steps/instructions

Australian Mini Goats


Tiny Tackers Therapy is fortunate to have access to Graham and Kenny, two Australian miniature goats who are just over 6 months of age, at our office in Inverleigh. 


Our clients thoroughly enjoy visiting Graham and Kenny for sensory experiences (tactile input via brushing and patting), self-regulation, gross motor skills, social skills, sequencing and language.