Our Services

The team at Tiny Tackers Therapy provide assessment and therapy for your child. Occupational Therapists look at everyday activities that your child completes. This includes activities that you or your child needs to do for their learning, or activities that they want to do. Occupations or activities are broken down into three areas;

  • Self-care: everyday activities, children do (or parents do for their children) to look after themselves like eating, dressing and toileting.
  • Work/Productivity: Work for a child includes Kindergarten or School skills, including writing, drawing, using scissors and glue, organising themselves and their materials within the classroom, and following steps to an activity. 
  • Play/Leisure: Includes learning how to play with toys or other children, taking turns in small and large groups, following rules of structured games, and pretend play. 


We assess the development of your child and consider how this may impact their ability to complete everyday activities. This may include formal assessment or an observation of your child's skills in the home, at Kindergarten or at school.


You may chose to attend the initial assessment with your child, or it can take place without you present. It can be beneficial to attend the initial assessment with your child as the therapist can provide relevant feedback as your child completes various assessments.

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Therapy Sessions

Therapy sessions focus on goals developed with you, the parent(s)/carer(s) and the child. After each block of therapy goals will be reviewed and the need for further Occupational Therapy will be re-assessed. Therapy sessions aim to;

  • Educate parents/carers and provide practical ideas for assisting your child to develop skills.
  • Encourage the child to learn or re-learn skills.
  • Provide intervention and consultancy in all relevant environments. This may include home, Kindergarten or School visits.


Tiny Tackers Therapy can provide services under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), Medicare Chronic Disease Management Plans or private paying clients. 

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