Handwriting Without Tears

Handwriting Without Tears


It is very common for children to have difficulties developing the skills and functional pencil grip needed for fluent, legible handwriting. Research has found that handwriting difficulties can lead to frustration and resistance due to the child not being able to produce legible writing or keep up in class.  In High School students can be marked lower due to their handwriting. 


The Handwriting Without Tears (HWT)  incorporates playing, singing and hands on building of letters to assist children to develop the important skills they need to print words. HWT is a fun, practical and multi sensory handwriting program. Click here to read more about HWT. 


This group aims to assist children with

  • Correct pencil grip
  • Correct formation of letters
  • Consistent letter sizing
  • Spacing between words
  • Body awareness (drawing a person)
  • Writing first and last name
  • Attention and concentration

Who: This group is suitable for children aged 5+ who are enrolled in Kindergarten or a mainstream school. 



You may choose to pay privately for this service, or if you have NDIS funding you may use the funding allocated in your capacity building supports - improved daily living. Please note your NDIS funding will need to be plan or self-managed.   


When: Please get in touch to register your interest for this group.  Email us your child's name to find out more.